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Welcome to Tropic of Freedom Books.

Have you heard the Freedom Call?

You have just discovered a resource which offers you an opportunity for accessing exponential growth in your Personal Freedom. What is Freedom? Well, what is Freedom for You?

The book summaries that you will find on this site all hide clues and pointers towards uncovering your own personal degrees of freedom. The books we recommend are like freedom fireworks in outer space, leading you towards the light of your Imagination, Spiritual Inspiration, Initiative, Realisation and a Life worth Living.

Some of the inspirational books we suggest are very rare books and can be difficult to obtain. As a gift to you, we continue to maraud the high-seas of the web, locating links and sites of book sellers where you can get your grubby little paws on these sometimes hard to find books.

For those who desire to become something more and actually implement a new sense of freedom into their lives; each of the recorded books on this site comes with book summaries and a question or thought to ponder.

We invite you to enter the wonderful world of inspirational books. Some are quirky and weird, others are down right ridiculous to the untrained eye. While others are simple and gentle like a summers morning. We hope you uncover and discover as much pleasure from this list of recommended books as we continue to do today.

Up and Coming Freedom Encounters

The Human Singularity with John Gamble

Magical Meetings with John Gamble and Melissa Neuss

Catching the Next Wave with John Gamble and Laura Efstathiou

Our Latest Gift To You,
The Handbook of the Navigator

For those of you who can hear the Freedom Call of the song of your heart, Eric Pepin's "Handbook of the Navigator" is a must read. What's more you can get it here for free in PDF format.


It's Not Too Late to Get Your Free Copy of the "Great Wealth Pandemic"

The financial freedom book The Great Wealth Pandemic is still available as a free download from


No Mucking Around I Want To Shop

If you want to get down to business and browse and buy some books immediately, then you can go straight to our book store ...>

With Love,
The Tropic of Freedom Bookworms

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An Intimate History of Humanity
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